We are little family living in Bintaro, Jakarta. I’m dafina, previously a fulltime corporate worker in FMCG industry. Married to a lovable husband, Izki Aldrin Iswarna and blessed with a curious and brave little boy named Muhammad Ahza Baskara.

Recently I just made a big decision to be a working at home mom, starting up my baby, TAMPAH, an online cookery shop, while taking care of my family. I always want to do blogging since forever, but finding free time used to be so hard!  I love to do blog walking and blog research every time I need an information and I always thankful to all bloggers that provides  helpful and insightful information of anything. So I think, it’s time to give back!

Here I’ll share my family recipes, cooking hacks, motherhood journey, travelling review (because we do love travelling so much!) , and my starts-up journey.  
Welcome and Enjoy my blog!




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